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Criminal Plants in the UK [Infographic]


Did you know that gardening in the UK has a legal side to it that does not involve drugs and ego-altering herbs? Even among plants, there are intruders that need to be recognised and dealt with as such. All of these are considered harmful and at times the government’s efforts in eradicating or at least controlling them cost millions. There are even ones that simply can’t be controlled and therefore…

The Complex Science behind the Lush Green Grass Courts of Wimbledon


An inseparable part of British summer time, the Wimbledon Championship is on between 29.06 – 17.07. With more than 450,000 spectators attending each year, and 19 grass courts, it is a massive event, yet it still retains its Victorian atmosphere and image. As spectators gather to drink Pimm’s, eat strawberries and cream, and watch tennis legends face off each other, 250 ballboys and ballgirls prepare to pick up the 50,000…

Cactuses – Exotic Plants in Your House

how to grow cactuses at home

Cactuses (or cacti as some people prefer!) look so exotic that people assume that they must be difficult to care for. In truth these are plants that thrive in some of the most challenging environments on earth so they’re tough! The best way to kill a cactus is with kindness. With a little understanding of their needs there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an impressive display of one or…