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Feel the Holiday Spirit with a Real Christmas Tree by Fantastic Gardeners

merry christmas and happy new year / CHOReograPH The all-year round wait is over – Fantastic Gardeners brings you the jolly hugs of evergreen trees! From this month forward, real Christmas tree delivery is available at every door in London. Forget the hassle and concentrate on gift selection or yummy recipe browsing, while we take care of the centrepiece in your holiday decoration. (more…)

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016: Medal Winners and all the Highlights

Growing flowers in a bucket
Chelsea Flower Show. Credit: Author Roe If you haven’t heard lately from your gardener friends, hold up on the suspicion and missing person reports. They’re probably just busy keeping track of the events at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. And take our swooning gardeners’ word for it – that’s a lot of events! And uhmm, just a friendly tip here – if you live with…

It’s National Gardening Week!

National Garden Week Banner

2016 has been pretty eventful so far, how about that? We’re not even halfway through and let’s look at what’s been going on – Leo got his Oscar, scientists recorded gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s theory, a new copy of Shakespeare’s first folio was discovered, and Chief Wombat Cuddler is now an actual occupation. But that’s not what gardeners across the UK have been anxiously anticipating. Everyone with a green thumb…

☘ I-rish You Health and Wealth and a Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘

happy saint patrick's day

  Well, here it is once again – our official excuse to wear green and drink until green starts wearing us. Yes, it’s Paddy’s Day and while we are still shaking our gardeners’ heads at some – Irish, mind you – manufacturers’ inability to tell a clover from a shamrock (don’t worry, Guinness, you can still count on us for your sales), we can’t miss an opportunity to decorate and…