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How to Keep Pollen Out of Your Home

pollen spread
Reading Time: 6 mins Spring is finally here and so is warmer weather, as well as the urge to open every window to let fresh air inside your home once again. For one in five people in the UK, however, the latter presents a dilemma. As most hay fever sufferers know, the beginning of each year becomes an internal struggle between the desire to welcome the fresh spring air with open windows and…

Your Guide to an Allergy-Free Garden

allergy free garden
Reading Time: 6 mins

While the advent of Spring is welcomed by most people, for a significant portion of the population season change brings only dread. Bags and pockets will be filled with extra packets of tissues and allergy medicine. That’s right, hay fever season is here and with it come the usual blocked or runny noses, watery eyes, and bouts of uncontrollable sneezing. One in five people in the UK now suffers from…

Natural Weed Killers You Should Use in Your Garden

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Reading Time: 4 mins Ask a gardener of any skill level what the hardest part of having a garden is and they will all tell you the same thing – getting rid of weeds. Invasive plants are everywhere and it’s no wonder why we have so many commercial weed killers on the market. However, synthetic pesticides pose a threat to children and pets if swallowed. Fortunately, there’s quite a lot of ways to…

On Doris and Storm-Proof Fences

Reading Time: 3 mins

Since Doris blew our expectations for a “windy day” away, here in London the demand for fence panels at our office skyrocketed: Seeing the destruction it has caused we feel slightly obligated to talk some fences and hurricanes. Insurance or a Storm-Proof Fence? There is no hurricane resistant fence. …as you would probably guess from this recent event. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hurricane vinyl fence or a chain-link, they…