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Why You Need Window Boxes?

Reading Time: 4 mins

Undeservingly overlooked when it comes to hardscaping, the old window box is a fantastic exterior design feature that can add a unique touch to your home and make heads turn. It really is a thing to consider if the best looking house on the block is what you’re going for. Here’s why: (more…)

We Answer the Eternal Question – What’s the Difference Between Violas and Pansies

Reading Time: 7 mins

  Even green thumbs think it’s an uphill battle to say which one is a pansy and which one is a viola. That’s what happens when people emphasize classifications rather than plants. Everything gets all complicated and confusing. The mystery of the Violaceae family goes deep into even more enigmatic waters when you take into account the African violets – these stunning little beauties hail from the green fields of…

How to Add Colour to Your Winter Garden

Reading Time: 2 mins


If you think November is all about raking leaves and tidying up think again. There’s no reason at all why your autumn and winter garden should be short on colour and an excellent display at this time of year makes you look like an expert. As Christopher Lloyd (a sagacious gardener) said, nobody expects anything of a November garden, so anything that does produce flower is a bonus! Read More

A Taste of the Tropics – Grow Your Own Citrus Tree

Reading Time: 2 mins

It’s easier than you think! Citrus trees aren’t hardy in the UK but they’re a fantastic choice for a greenhouse and the smaller varieties can be happily grown in a pot, living outdoors in the summer and coming indoors for the winter months. You’ll get almost year round blossom, with the heaviest flowering coming in the late winter. Since many citrus fruit can take up to a year to mature it’s even possible to have fruit and flowers on the same plant. A citrus tree, could brighten your home with fruit, scent and blossom on a January day, why would you not grow one!

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