Criminal Plants in the UK [Infographic]

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Did you know that gardening in the UK has a legal side to it that does not involve drugs and ego-altering herbs? Even among plants, there are intruders that need to be recognised and dealt with as such.

All of these are considered harmful and at times the government’s efforts in eradicating or at least controlling them cost millions. There are even ones that simply can’t be controlled and therefore have been prohibited from sale. But what those garden outlaws all have in common is that they come unwanted as nomad killers that tend to outcompete almost every other plant that stands in their way.

This is a problem for everyone – native wildlife – food chain is broken now – AND people (some plants actually pose a real health risk). Although it is usually not illegal to grow them in your own garden, they can do real damage if allowed to escape into the wild or disposed of in a careless manner. These plants tend to spread vigorously, making their control costly and difficult. Fines and regulations would apply to anyone who fails to abide by the law. See for yourself:

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