Essential Gardening Jobs for September

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Summer slowly withdraws and autumn takes over. Days grow shorter and nights become cooler. And as trees shed leaf after leaf – little harbingers of the colder months to come, you can get your mind off how yet another summer has passed and how fleeting time in general is by doing some practical tasks around your garden this September.

There are enough things that need to be done in order to prepare your gardens for the upcoming season and prevent any unwanted casualties of the cold weather. Here’s a handy list of essential gardening jobs for September that will keep you occupied for a good part of the month. Don’t feel overwhelmed by how long it may seem, as most of the gardening tasks can be done by Fantastic Gardeners and spare you the hard work.

Autumn garden clearance

September is the perfect time to start your autumn garden tidy up. This means there will be lots of leaf clearance, picking up debris, and plant deadheading. One of the key tasks when it comes to September garden clearance is to check your gutters, repair and clean them. This is an arduous, not to mention dangerous, task to handle on your own, so it’s better to call the experts and let them do this for you. They will get rid of clogs and blockages in gutters and remove debris and fallen leaves.

Prepare the soil and plant Spring bulbs

Another essential task when it comes to September gardening is to prepare the soil for the new growing season. By the time summer ends and the last crops and flowering plants die back, the soil has lost most of its properties and minerals. In order to fix that, you have to dig it up and mix it with quality compost and manure.

When you are done with that, you can plant the bulbs of spring flowering plants. The combination between the warm soil and the autumn rains renders the perfect conditions for root growth.

Time to make cuttings and divide perennials


One of the things to do in the garden this September is to prepare semi-hard and hard wood cuttings. This will save money on buying transplants each year. Make sure you bring the cuttings inside during the winter and keep them in pots on your windowsill. This way they will stay warm and get enough sunlight.

Semi-hardwood plants:

  • Lavender
  • Camellias
  • Lonicera
  • Aeremisia
  • Osmanthus

Hardwood plants:

  • Cornus
  • Weigela
  • Perovskia

Don’t forget to cut down and divide perennials as a part of autumn garden care. You can leave some of them just the way they are if you want to have something in your garden even in the winter. Cut down the remaining perennial plants and divide them into smaller sections. However, make sure they have finished flowering. Here’s a tip: leave their seedpods for the hungry birds. It’s getting colder and it will be harder for them to find food.

Prune and trim

This is another autumn gardening job for experts. Pruning your hedges may look easy, but it’s better to rely on the help of professionals. They know exactly how to do the seasonal pruning and can tell you which shrubs and trees need it the most. This is also a good time to shape evergreen shrubs and give them a new look for the winter. If you’re unsure which species of hedge can be pruned or trimmed during this time of year, refer to our in-depth guide.

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Autumn lawn care

At the end of summer lawns don’t look as thick and lush as they did back in spring. There are probably “bald” spots here and there and the overall look isn’t pleasing to the eye. This can be fixed with a few autumn lawn care tips.

  • First, you should aerate the lawn. This means making small holes in the ground which allow air to penetrate the soil. This will reduce the compaction that’s a result from all the summer games and outdoor activities.
  • The next thing to do is to remove weeds, dead grass and moss.
  • Last, but not least, give your lawn a good soak. This way you will cool it down after the summer heat and prepare it for the colder weather. Don’t forget that lawns also need fertilising and this should be on your September gardening checklist.

Check and repair


If you’ve already completed the other gardening jobs for September and are still wondering what to do in the garden this autumn, you can spruce up your fence and greenhouse (if you have one). Check for any damages and do some repairs.  This will give you extra autumn gardening tasks and keep you busy this September.

Make sure you clean the greenhouse and repair broken windows. Check for leaks before the raining season begins. Don’t forget to make a preseason draught check, too.

Take care of garden ponds

Garden ponds also need autumn preparations for the colder seasons. If you don’t have fish swimming in it, you can drain the water by the end of September. Once you do this, you should put a polystyrene float, a ball, or anything else that can cover the draining hole. This way it will stay open even if the surface freezes in winter. Cover them with netting if you don’t want to be constantly clearing fallen leaves.

If you don’t want to drain the water from your garden pond this autumn, make sure you hire someone to cut aquatic plants and get rid of unwanted weeds. If you leave them there without tidying up, they will rot and increase the nitrogen levels in the water.

September gardening may seem like a lot of work, but all of these gardening jobs are essential and will help you prepare your garden for the winter. You don’t have to tackle all of the tasks at once. Take your time and do them over the weekends. This way you will stay busy and keep your garden in top shape.

Of course, if you have more important things to do, you can always give us a call on 020 3404 4881 and let us do the autumn garden preparation for you.

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