Fantastic Gardeners’ To-Do List for June

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We strongly believe that planning and preparing are crucial for success in every area. Gardening is no exception, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what are you supposed to do this month—especially if you have a limited experience in the gardening area. Yes, you can search the good old Google, but finding relevant information in this pit-hole can be very challenging. So, we at Fantastic Gardeners, decided to share our expert point of view and help spread the knowledge to all aspiring gardeners out there. We made a list of all the important activities you should engage in your garden during June.


By this time of the year, there are plenty early matured veggies that are perfectly ready for harvest. In June you can gather and enjoy your spring salads, garlic and onion, and early potatoes. How do we know that? Well, plants have their ways of showing you when they’re ready. For lettuce it’s pretty obvious, while the others are a bit tricky. The cue for garlic and onions is when their leaves start to dry out. And potato plants will cover in blossoms when they are ready.



Now that the frost is finally over, the weather conditions are perfect for planting vegetables that will need maximum sun power to grow. The list of what to plant in June includes beans, marrow, summer squash and courgettes, celery seedlings, tomatoes and sweet pepper. They all have their quirks, so make sure you look up the important information for your plants before you do anything.

Prune and Propagate

Pruning is a must in the list of gardening activities you should engage in June. Most of the plants that are already well established will need a bit of a “haircut”. We don’t count the lawn – you should watch over it all the time. Concentrate on the hedges instead. Those are growing faster than you can say “I love gardening”. Do you have any herbs? Why not take a cutting or two from your favorite ones and plant them later. You can have a never endless supply of fresh herbs, which, we know, are the best ones to use. Also, make sure you’ve pinched the side shoots of tomatoes and pepper plants, thus helping them to concentrate on growing fruits.

Move Your Houseplants Outside

Most of them will enjoy the extra sunlight and humidity out in the open. You should be careful not to stress the plants, though. Start by exposing them to partial sunlight in the mornings and evenings for example. If you start the partial exposure in the end of May, you can move them in the garden by the middle of June.

Watch Out for Pests and Weeds


Warmer climate and rainy days equals slug invasion, so make sure you give extra attention to this problem. There are many ways of battling the situation – from organic ones, to ones that includes pesticide. Choose the one you think is most appropriate for your situation.

Gardening in June can be also challenging due to the various weeds. The warmer weather provides them with the perfect environment to grow faster than ever. Remove them while they’re still young and fragile and keep an eye for them in the future.

Take our advise and engage in these garden activities from the beginning of June. Your garden will be more that grateful for the special treat and will thrive the whole summer if you keep the pace.

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