Happy International Mother Earth Day!

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The Earth Day was first celebrated exactly 44 years ago on 22 April, 1970. The idea about this day was first offered by the peace activist John McConnell at an UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969. His idea was to celebrate this day on 21 March, and so it happened in 1970. But a month later another day of Mother Earth Day was announced by the US Senator Gaylord Nelson. Although the original idea was to celebrate such a day only in the USA, in 1990 the Earth Day was extended and turned into an international holiday. It is now celebrated in 192 countries around the world. Each country honours Mother Earth and its significance and beauty with different social events.

The idea of the Earth Day is to arouse awareness of significant matters, such as pollution, global warming, species extinction and others, which are all results from human activity. People must learn that nature can survive without us, but we can’t survive without nature. We overuse and waste natural resources, we pollute the air and soil with what we do, we kill animals, and all of those activities disturb the balance of nature. We must care more, because we need every single bit of our natural environment.

Companies around the world must do what they can to preserve as much of the surrounding nature as they can. We build concrete cities, huge skyscrapers, in order to earn profit. We should care about nature, too, though. Every new building means that some green space will be destroyed. And every destroyed green area means that dozens of birds and other animals will lose their natural habitat. Even if there is an option to re-create that green space on top of a building or somewhere else, the chance to attract those animals to that place is very small.

So, WE at Fantastic Gardeners appeal to all the people in London and around the world to take more care of the surrounding nature. Don’t only get involved in the “Save the Earth” events held on April, 22nd, but care about Mother Earth all year around. Because every small garden, every green space means cleaner air, better living conditions, a lot of saved animals and happiness. We must leave a legacy to our children, and that legacy shouldn’t be the signs of destruction and death.

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