How to Water Your Lawn in July

Last update: 2 months ago

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The summer often means a demise for your wonderful lawn. Yet, that shouldn’t happen, because the summer is precisely the time when it is the most pleasant to enjoy a fresh and green garden.

Too often you can see people that water their lawns at noon, but that’s not the optimal time for it. There are many different opinions on the topic, and some of them are not quite right. Let’s help you with 10 precious tips, that will save your garden’s green colour throughout the whole summer.

1. How to Water Your Lawn From Dawn Till Dusk

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This will help the grass take in as much water as it needs and pass through the whole photosynthesis process and growth during the day, using the maximum benefit of the sun rays. If you water the lawn in the evening, the grass won’t get water in its most dire moment, because you need sunlight for photosynthesis, whereas there’s no such in the night.

Some people prefer to water in the middle of the night, but that’s not a good idea either. This way the grass can develop a sickness and die out. Watering during noon, on the other hand, will deprive the lawn from the necessary water, since the better part of it will vaporise.

2. Train the Garden Lawn

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In order to grow strong, healthy and resistant grass, you shouldn’t water the lawn too often. It’s a kind of training for the grass, as this will help it develop a stronger and deeper root system, which will be of incredible use during the hot summer months.

In order to make the roots grow deeper, it’s recommended to water the lawn around 2 to 3 times a week, but not daily. The scarcer watering will stimulate the roots, whereas the daily one will do completely the opposite.

3. Avoid Watering at a Single Spot

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If the water begins gathering in poodles or leaks sideways, then it’s time to stop the watering or move to another place. If it seems you didn’t water enough, then stop for around 15-20 minutes, so that the water can soak through the soil, after which water again.

4. Don’t Spill

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Many people water the lawn quite non-persistently, and then complain the grass is yellow and doesn’t grow well. In fact, if you don’t water evenly, it’s very probable that your lawn will dry out, and the pathway next to it to turn green.

5. Let the Lawn Breathe

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Keep the soil crumbly. This way the dirt can breathe and that’s very important. You can use a sharp object to pierce the lawn at around 15 cm of depth. This way there will be an influx of oxygen, as well as the water will soak better.

6. Cut the Grass Regularly

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If you create a habit to cut the lawn regularly, it won’t get yellow, because it will grow fast in order to compensate for the lost height. This way the roots will be kept in a good shape, as well as the outer appearance of the lawn.

7. Be Flexible

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When a rain is expected it’s completely unnecessary to water and drown the grass. This won’t help in any way.

8. Never Use Warm Water

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Never use warm on heated water. Make sure that there’s no water in the hose left to get heated by the sun. The warm water is harmful for the plants.

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