Are You Ready for Winter? Take Fantastic Gardeners’ Quiz

Reading Time: 1 mins

  With nothing much to do in the garden during the month of December, as newly planted trees and bulbs are growing roots under the mulch you’ve spread like we advised you in October, you’re probably staying in front of the cosy fireplace, making a list of the bulbs you need to buy in spring, reflecting on what turned out right this year and what you need to improve in…

Feel the Holiday Spirit with Real Christmas Tree by Fantastic Gardeners

real christmas tree
Reading Time: 2 mins

By Dusan Petkovic / Shutterstock The all-year round wait is over – Fantastic Gardeners brings you the jolly hugs of evergreen trees! From this month forward, real Christmas tree delivery is available at every door in London. Forget the hassle and concentrate on gift selection or yummy recipe browsing, while we take care of the centrepiece in your holiday decoration. (more…)

Top Bulb Planting Tips in Autumn

bulb planting tips
Reading Time: 7 mins

By V J Matthew/ Shutterstock Bulb flowers, planted correctly and on time, are some of the least demanding plants in the garden. On top of that, their blossoms and leaves contribute greatly for the beauty of your home and garden. Nothing can soften the biting frost as well as the planted bulbs do, growing under the snow, ready to bloom in wonderful colours as the first spring sun rays make…

10 Blooming Flowers for Your October Wedding Bouquet

october blooming flowers
Reading Time: 4 mins By Scharfsinn / Shutterstock Now that October is here, you must be busy with the essential gardening jobs for this autumn month. For most people, this time of the year is especially pleasing because of the cooler nights, warm sunny days, and the pretty autumn foliage. Others have picked exactly this month for their wedding celebrations. Interestingly, there are plenty of lovely blossoms that bloom this…