14 Eerie Plants That Can Double As Your Halloween Decoration

venus flytrap plant
Reading Time: 7 mins

There are some plants that seem like Mother Nature would probably use for Halloween decoration at home. With a special kind of haunting aura, these flowers and plants make up for a fitting strange but beauteous work of art. While it will take some care and time investment to develop a truly eerie garden with special specimens, the end result will be one of a kind. Grow them throughout the…

10 Blooming Flowers for Your October Wedding Bouquet

Reading Time: 4 mins

Now that October is here, you must be busy with the essential gardening jobs for this autumn month. For most people, this time of the year is especially pleasing because of the cooler nights, warm sunny days, and the pretty autumn foliage. Others have picked exactly this month for their wedding celebrations. Interestingly, there are plenty of lovely blossoms that bloom this month and make up for a perfect wedding…