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9 Essential Gardening Tips for Beginners

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Gardening has long been a quintessential British pastime. The popularity of television programmes, such as Ground Force (for those that remember the glory of this show) and Gardener’s World, are a testament to our gardening heritage. With the rise in popularity of talent shows and minor celebrities’ ballroom dancing, we started to forget our love […]

Your Guide to Successful Container Gardening

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It is well known that plants grow and flourish at different times of the year. This is especially true in regards to vegetables and, if you are new to gardening, it can be difficult knowing when to plant. Some plants, such as tomatoes and onions, should not be planted in containers directly as the seeds are at risk of rotting before being given the chance to sprout. Plants with this requirement should be planted indoors and allowed to grow for up to 2 months before being transplanted to larger containers. In order to cultivate a successful container garden and receive a bountiful harvest, follow our planting guide below.

How to Grow a Herb Garden: The Insider’s Guide

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Growing herbs makes your garden look nice and gives you the advantage of spicing up your meals with fresh greens. Creating a herb garden requires only a small chunk of effort and, after investing a little bit of time as well, you will bear the fruits of your hard work soon enough. Even if growing herbs outdoors or indoors doesn’t require plenty of gardening knowledge on your side, you might still want to check our extensive guide on how to grow a herb garden.