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9 Great Ground Cover Plants for Your UK Garden

Bellflower (Campanula)

Ground cover plants provide a dense carpet of beautiful foliage and flowers that can be an amazing addition to simple and elegant gardens while greatly supporting pollinators, such as hummingbirds and bees. These low-growing plants usually spread quickly and are generally easy to maintain. They can be positioned around taller plants, greatly complimenting their flowers, […]

What to Do in The Garden in February?

Garden flowers in February

February marks the transition from winter to spring. Although the chill may persist, promising signs of the upcoming new season are scattered throughout. Bulbs cautiously break through the soil, and daylight gradually begins to appear. Despite these hints of spring, however, February retains the potential for harsh weather, including rain, severe frosts, and occasional snow. […]

9 Fast-growing Hedges for Privacy

House with privacy hedges

Privacy is highly valued when it comes to our homes. Regardless of whether you reside next to a busy road or in a terraced townhouse, privacy hedges can be highly beneficial for the garden. Hedges are an excellent option for achieving privacy while also providing a favourable environment for wildlife. For individuals with patience, slow-growing […]