Top 10 Fantastic Suggestions for the Autumn Bank Holiday Weekend

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The August bank holiday weekend is right around the corner. This will be the last bank holiday before Christmas and you should make the most of it. Some people might find themselves overwhelmed by the extra day off, while others can’t wait to spend three days full of family activities, festivals, and parties. If you are one of them, you can check out our suggestions on how to spend the August bank holiday weekend this year.

It’s Time for a Family Getaway

The longer weekend is a great chance to spend some quality time with your family. You can hop in the car and go on a spontaneous family getaway this August bank holiday weekend. If you can trust the weather forecast, it’s going to be warm and sunny, so you can take a break from the big city and go on a cottage break in the countryside.

If you prefer something more posh, you can consider a hotel or a holiday park. There would be activities for both adults and children. Swimming pools, games, bars, kids clubs and even luxurious spa treatments to suit the taste of each member of your family.

Free Local August Bank Holiday Events

With longer weekends and all the opportunities they offer, there’s always the concern of staying within budget. Luckily, there are plenty of free August bank holiday events you can enjoy that won’t be a dent in the family wallet. You can always have fun without spending too much money.

One of the most interesting free summer bank holiday events this year will be the European Bat Weekend. It will be held on August 28, at Elan Village. The animal expert Sorcha Lewis will give a lecture about the little flying nocturnal critters, for free.

Another fun event will be the free theatre at the Scoop, as part of the More London Free Festival. You can watch “Captain Showoff” and laugh your heart out. You can even have a picnic while you are at it and enjoy the show to the fullest. The theatre will take place between August 26 and August 30.

There are tons of other summer bank ideas you can try for free. You can always check your local information centre and find out more about events and activities.

Explore the Outdoors


Another good idea on what to do this August bank holiday is to embrace the outdoors. For most of us, a normal day would include sitting at the office desk, sitting at lunch while we browse our phones, and then sitting at home in front of the TV. If this sounds alarmingly relatable, this long weekend can be a great opportunity to get off the sofa and appreciate Britain’s beautiful country side.

Take a walk on the beach, hike the mountains, or go to the woods. This August bank holiday you can go on a picnic, restore your bond with nature, take lots of beautiful pictures and enjoy the fresh air. You can also play games such as Nature Detectives and try spotting different animal species and plants.

Visit Other Cities


Think that you will run out of things to do this August bank holiday weekend? You can always pack your stuff and go on an excursion. There are plenty of interesting cities and towns you can explore in Britain. If you want some break from the British atmosphere, you can always find last-minute deals and buy cheap plane tickets and visit other European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and other.

Even it’s only for a day, you can do enough sightseeing, eat new foods and make memories. There’s still some time to find your desired destination and plan your trip. You can go alone or with friends, the more, the merrier.

It’s Festival Time


Bank holidays always offer interesting and whacky festivals. There are plenty of activities and things to try out.

One of the biggest European festivals is the Notting Hill Carnival. It’s the loudest, most colourful street party in London. The wild Caribbean carnival comes to London with all of its music, food, dances and drinks. More than 60 bands and even thousands of dancers entertain visitors until the early morning, not to mention the Grand Finale on Monday. It’s worth visiting at least once in your life!

Another loud August bank holiday festival will be the South West Four. Clapham Common will house one of the biggest dance music events with more than 100 separate acts. Some of the big names that will energise the public will be Basement Jaxx, Skrillex and Faithless.

Beach Fun

Don’t forget about the British beaches! They may not be like the golden sand beaches of Miami, but they still have their charm. You can go there with your family or friends and spend the day sunbathing, playing games or building sand castles.

Some of the classic British seaside destinations are Brighton, Bournemouth, and Blackpool. There, you can enjoy walks along the pier, play games or do some shopping at the standalone shops. On the other hand, if you are interested in body-boarding, you can visit Cornwall or Nairn.

Get to Know Your Country


Why not use this August bank holiday weekend for some family time exploring the country? Go sightseeing in your area, or if you don’t live in London, you can always spend the weekend at the capital. This will be your chance to learn more about the history of Britain and also explore some attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and more.

You can always check online for galleries and museums with free entry and make a schedule for your sightseeing. There are plenty of interesting places to visit.

It’s All about Food


Bank weekends can’t go without feasts. There are even special food festivals during the August bank holiday.

The Big Festival is the Glastonbury of the food festivals. Jamie Oliver and Alex James join forces for one of the best culinary events. It will take place from 28-30 August on Alex James’ farm in the Costwoods. There will be good music (Ella Eyre, Paloma Faith, Grandmaster Flash), star chefs (Ella Woodward, Nathan Outlaw, and more), tasty food, markets and plenty of entertainment.

Another special event for all the foodies out there will be the BBC Good Food Festival. This August bank holiday weekend will gather master chefs like Paul Hollywood, Michael Roux JR, Lawrence Keogh, and many more. There will be food stalls, activities for children, and other fun events you shouldn’t miss.

Visit a Garden


If you don’t have the time or money to go on a trip or explore the outdoors, you can always visit a garden this summer bank holiday. It won’t be the same as a stroll in the woods, but you will get to see beautiful flowers and draw some inspiration for your own garden.

If you have an RHS Membership, you can visit some of the gardens free of charge and spend the day there with your family. Check for gardens and parks in your area that you can visit during this August bank holiday weekend.

Work on Your Garden


Last, but not least, you should spend some time in your garden. Thanks to the longer weekend, you can take your time and do all of the gardening jobs you’ve been neglecting. The end of August is the perfect time to prepare your garden for autumn. Here’s what you can do:

  • Mown the lawn – Make sure your lawn is always in top shape. It’s time to bring out that dusty lawn mower and get into action. This will freshen up your lawn and will prepare it for the autumn weather.
  • Eradicate all weeds – You can take your time and pull weeds up by hand or use a hoe, or you can pursue fast results with weed killers. Just make sure you read the instructions before that and be careful not to spill any of it on your plants, because it will kill them too.
  • Time to clean patios, decking and pathways – This doesn’t have much to do with autumn garden preparations, but it will change the appearance of your garden. You will be surprised how clean they can get. It’s best to use a power washer for optimal results. We have such a machine and we are one phone call away, so you can always rely on our expert service. Give us a call and avoid the mess from the patio cleaning.
  • Plant new crops – Just because autumn is approaching, this doesn’t mean you should forget about home-grown vegetables. You can still plant carrots, potatoes, lettuce and salads. If you think this will be too much of a hustle, just plant flowers that bloom in autumn.
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