7 Creative  Valentine’s Lawn Decoration Ideas

Last update: 10 months ago

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valentine heart decoration for the gardenWhatever would we do in the garden during the cold months if it hadn’t been for the holidays? Decorating, especially with handcrafted items is the next best thing to give avid gardeners some solace and purpose when not taking care of the flowers and plants.

We spooked visitors with scary Halloween decorations, dazzled neighbours with the twinkle of Christmas lights, so now we’re going to celebrate the month of love in style as well with 7 ideas for Valentine’s lawn decorations. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from stories, it’s that a little love is all it takes to turn a dilapidated garden into a piece of Eden, so we are going all in for pink and red pom poms, “Be mine” signs, and figures of chubby little boys. And, we hope spring will see some love in our garden and stop by.

Hanging Valentine Hearts

valentine paper heart

Hanging hearts decorations are for Valentine’s Day what twinkle lights are for Christmas or what pumpkins are for Halloween. Like it or not, they are the part and parcel of all outdoor Valentine’s day decorations – you can hang them on trees or arrange them on strings to hang over the front door, around the porch or in the pavilion. Check out these cute hearts from Amazon. What’s best, they come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and colours. If you have a knack for DIY, you can even make them yourself using various materials such as paper, wood, and different types of fabric and yarn. Find a style that suits your garden best, be it cute and pink, shabby chic, vintage, or natural and elegant to add charm to your outdoor space.

Valentine’s Day Signslove sign in the garden

Signs are there if you look for them. And if you’ve displayed them. Spread some love across the neighbourhood with Valentine’s Day wishes from your front garden. Write some touching and inspirational quotes on chalk boards, spell out “love, hugs, and kisses” with paint on old pallets, or use a printable idea – there’s plenty of those online. If you don’t have the time or materials, however, you can always buy a sign for valentine’s lawn decorations, such as this Happy Valentine’s Day wish in a heart held by two Cupids. Aww, they even have their little arrows and it’s all so red and cute! Doesn’t get much more Valentin-ier than that now, does it?

Valentine’s Wreaths

valentine wreath

Christmas is not the only time your front door can get all pretty and colourful. Wreaths are an absolute must in handcrafted Valentine’s day decor, as well. And you won’t believe the options for a Valentine’s day wreaths you can make yourself. Unless you work for the R&D department at some wreaths company, that is. A garden-style wreath made of twigs and flowers will usher in spring a few weeks earlier, and if you’ve followed our advice to make a berry or twiggy wreath for Christmas, now you can simply bend it to give it a heart shape and add a few ornaments and ribbons. You can also make a wreath out of cupcake holders, coffee filters, or simply wrap yarn, jute, or even straw and add some hearts, letters, pretty ribbons, buttons, and everything else you are inspired to try. We also love the idea of a wreath made of book pages or even better – love notes.

Valentine’s Day Tree

valentine tree

Recycling Christmas doesn’t stop with the wreath. Your loyal potted or replanted Christmas tree can serve you for another holiday as well and Valentine’s tree decorations are as festive as Christmas baubles. Decorate conifers and topiaries with ornaments in the shape of hearts, cupids, love doves, teddy bears, candy, and everything else that would add a personal touch, and wrap it all up with a heart garland, pearl strings, or letters spelling love wishes.

Pom Pom Balls

pom pom balls in the garden

Maybe it’s the charming reiteration in the name, maybe it’s the whimsical buoyant look, but there’s just something about pom poms when it comes to celebrating love. We see them at weddings and engagement parties and they’re the Valentine’s Day decoration no self-respecting trading centre can do without this time of the year. You can buy them in all colours and sizes and you can even make some yourself using tissue paper or a styrofoam ball and cupcake holders. Hang them on trees, at the porch, or in pavilions and gazebos.

Growing Love

heart wreath on the front door

Every gardener will appreciate the natural feel and understated elegance of this amaryllis heart wreath. It is a breath of fresh air among the more traditional DIY Valentine’s day decorations and makes a perfect gift as well. You have everything you need to make it in your garden – some twigs, amaryllis bulbs, potting soil and burlap. Place the bulbs in soil and wrap them in a netting before covering with the burlap. Attach the burlap ball with floral wire and tie a nice ribbon. Watching the amaryllis stalks grow is the perfect metaphor for tender growing love and a reminder that just like a plant, in order to be kept strong, it needs to be attended regularly.


The Gardener’s Heart

heart shaped planter

Even Cupid has a green thumb and he knows perky pink and sassy red sometimes have to give way to the calmness of cooler tones. Filled with succulents, heart shaped cast stone planters are an elegant way to celebrate love for nature. What’s best, you can keep them year round and enjoy a sturdy good-looking plant combination.

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