Author - Fantastic Gardeners Team


10 Blooming Flowers for your Winter Garden

Reading Time: 5 minsWinter season doesn't mean you have to turn your back to your flower garden until spring comes. There is a good number of plants that bloom beautifully even in the coldest of weather. Let's dig into their world and see which...


How to Save Your Garden This Winter

Reading Time: 5 minsWinter is coming and with it come gardeners, fretting over frostbitten plants and damaged crops. Fear not, ladies and gentlemen - let’s introduce you to our extensive guide on how to protect plants from freezing and the...


Top Bulb Planting Tips in Autumn

Reading Time: 7 minsBulb flowers, planted correctly and on time, are some of the least demanding plants in the garden. On top of that, their blossoms and leaves contribute greatly for the beauty of your home and garden. Nothing can soften the...