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Acol Nursery Gets New Look – Making it Pretty

fantastic gardeners planting flowers
Reading Time: 2 mins

What brings the biggest joy to a person is seeing they helped someone be happy, too. In Fantastic Gardeners’ case, it was the creation of a spot for the children of the Acol Nursery school to play, explore and feel more homely. In our previous session we set the stage for the stars of the show to appear – it was already March and it was high time for flowers…

How to Start a Butterfly Garden

Reading Time: 6 mins

Starting your own butterfly garden not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space and lets you enjoy the company of these jewelled fluttering guests. It also helps butterflies find food and shelter as many of their natural habitats are being lost due to human activities and urbanisation. You can easily invite butterflies to your garden by planting flowers and plants which they and their caterpillars feed on and…