Are You Ready for Winter? Take Fantastic Gardeners’ Quiz

Frosted dandelion during winter chills

With nothing much to do in the garden during the month of December, as newly planted trees and bulbs are growing roots under the mulch you’ve spread like we advised you in October, you’re probably staying in front of the cosy fireplace, making a list of the bulbs you need to buy in spring, reflecting on what turned out right this year and what you need to improve in the lawn, flower beds, and perennial gardens next season.

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Christmas Window Box Decorating Ideas (Gallery)

christmas window box decorating ideas

November is finally here and the Halloween craze is already a thing of the past. Most people are already excited about Christmas and think of ways to decorate their homes and gardens for the holiday. If you have window boxes, you can use them as part of your holiday decorations. There are different ways to decorate window boxes for Christmas and you try out different themes and play with ornaments and fairy lights. Here are some creative Christmas window box decorating ideas that might inspire to step up your decorating game this year: Read More

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