European National Flowers: The COMPLETE List

National flowers of countries in Europe
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There’s no doubt that every country in Europe is famous for something – they have their own national symbols like flags, dishes, alcoholic beverages, animals, sports etc. But have you ever thought about the national flowers of European countries? Every country on the Old Continent has its own floral emblem that represents their unique identity. Some of these symbols are related to historical, cultural and religious events dating back centuries and even…

How To Grow Your Own Citrus Tree

lemon blossoms
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Growing a citrus tree at home takes a lot of work but it sure is an enticing endeavour. Most of the citrus trees are thermophilic and light-loving. They are also sensitive to the kind of soil, the watering frequency and the fertilization type. However, lemon tree will help you answer the question how to grow your own citrus trees, since it’s the most popular. Lately some Mediterranean kinds also have…

How to Water Your Lawn in July

how to water your garden
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The summer often means a demise for your wonderful lawn. Yet, that shouldn’t happen, because the summer is precisely the time when it is the most pleasant to enjoy a fresh and green garden. Too often you can see people that water their lawns at noon, but that’s not the optimal time for it. There are many different opinions on the topic, and some of them are not quite right….

40+ Unusual Garden Decoration Ideas

decoration ideas
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  Gardening for some provides the daily bread, for others it’s an escape from reality and for you it might be your favourite hobby. Nevertheless, a garden decorated to your own preferences will act as a source of inspiration, and will provide you a place to gather up your thoughts. In order to set you on the creative path of gardening decoration, the team of Fantastic Gardeners compiled a list…