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Fantastic Gardeners Celebrate Earth Day

Hand holding planet Earth

Today we celebrate Earth Day for the 46th time since U.S. senator Gaylord Nelson suggested the idea for a national day focusing on the environment. After its first celebration on April 22 1970 in the US, Earth Day has grown into a worldwide environmental movement raising awareness of serious issues such as pollution, global warming, deforestation and the detrimental effect of urbanised societies on the environment. Nowadays, almost 200 countries…

It’s National Gardening Week!

National Garden Week Banner

2016 has been pretty eventful so far, how about that? We’re not even halfway through and let’s look at what’s been going on – Leo got his Oscar, scientists recorded gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s theory, a new copy of Shakespeare’s first folio was discovered, and Chief Wombat Cuddler is now an actual occupation. But that’s not what gardeners across the UK have been anxiously anticipating. Everyone with a green thumb…

How to Make Moss Graffiti

Moss Graffiti on Wall

Moss graffiti, also called living, green or eco-friendly graffiti is a new take on guerilla gardening, which utilises living plants to convey messages in the form of words, pictures, and other shapes. This is the latest hype in urban landscapes, adorning walls along streets and private and public buildings. Moss graffiti add a needed touch of green to urban landscapes and are a much more environmentally sound way of artistic…

Fantastic Gardeners News Just-in: Case of Missing Gnomes Solved!

Street sign on a missing garden dwarf.

A disparate set of disturbing occurrences across London gardens which baffled police has now been solved following an investigation. Over the past month, concerned homeowners have contacted local authorities to report unusual sightings in their gardens. Talk About a Lawn Design Witnesses have described UFOs landings and brown patches forming diminutive versions of crop circles all over their lawns. After recovering from the initial shock, homeowners have also reported that…

Vertical Gardens – What Has Been Driving Plants up the Wall?

Vertical garden on building

A fad in modern architecture and gardening or a necessity to bring back nature into industrialised densely built urban landscapes? Living green walls are becoming more and more popular, so we decided to explore the benefits, installation and maintenance process of these structures. Read on to find out how long they have been around, why so many buildings are having them, and how you can make one for your home….