Author - Fantastic Gardeners Team

How To Plant Mint in the Garden


Yes, we’re talking about mint! The breath-saving, tummy-taming, taste-boosting mint. At Fantastic Gardeners, we love this refreshing plant, and why wouldn’t we? It is fragrant, easy to grow, and has many beneficial uses in culinary arts, medicine, and cosmetics. Even bees love its rich nectar! Find out how to plant mint in the garden and […]

6 Surprising Mother’s Day Facts No One Ever Told You

mother's day

With over 30% of Brits admitting their mother is the most important person in their life and half coming to realise they are indeed turning into their mums, it's no surprise we don't scrimp around Mother's Sunday. If we let figures speak for themselves, it becomes quite evident what an important meaning we ascribe to this celebration – every year, we send over 30 million Happy Mother's Day cards and spend one and a half billion pounds on flowers and presents such as jewellery, beauty products, and gardening tools.