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Top 10 Fantastic Suggestions for the Autumn Bank Holiday Weekend

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The August bank holiday weekend is right around the corner. This will be the last bank holiday before Christmas and you should make the most of it. Some people might find themselves overwhelmed by the extra day off, while others can’t wait to spend three days full of family activities, festivals, and parties. If you are one of them, you can check out our suggestions on how to spend the August bank holiday weekend this year. Read More

What Flower Matches Your Star Sign

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Flowers have their own special place in our culture. There are different legends and myths about lovely blooms, fairy tales, and even special language of flowers. Enchanting blossoms have found their from the gardens to the field of astrology. Birth flowers offer a blooming perspective of our characters while they match our star signs at the same time. Find out your zodiac bloom bellow and learn why it suits your…

10 Fascinating Myths and Stories About Backyard Plants

Reading Time: 7 mins

We all become sentiment and nostalgic when remembering our childhood. Our parents told us bedtime stories which were so engaging that we remember even to this day. Stories are a magical thing. They take us into different, fictional, but nonetheless real worlds. But as we grow older, we seem to forget the charm stories bring. We forget that charm can hide everywhere, even in everyday objects. And we just need…

Welcome to Our Brand New Blog

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welcomeHello, dear readers and fellow gardeners!

I’d like to welcome you to our brand new blog. It’ll be all about gardening tips, landscaping and garden design ideas, and interesting facts about gardening. My colleagues and I are going to do our best to provide you with the latest information about new trends and other new stuff regarding gardening. Hope we’ll be useful to you and that you’ll subscribe to us.

Feel free to leave comments under each post, as your opinion and suggestions about our work is important to us. Don’t hesitate to criticize us and to send us gifts for Christmas, either. I’m kidding, don’t send us gifts – just subscribe to our webpage and spread the word about us.

Hope you’ll enjoy our posts and will read them with pleasure.

That’s for now, and stay tuned for our next creative post.