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How to Make Moss Graffiti

Moss Graffiti on Wall
Reading Time: 5 mins

Moss graffiti, also called living, green or eco-friendly graffiti is a new take on guerilla gardening, which utilises living plants to convey messages in the form of words, pictures, and other shapes. This is the latest hype in urban landscapes, adorning walls along streets and private and public buildings. Moss graffiti add a needed touch of green to urban landscapes and are a much more environmentally sound way of artistic…

Vertical Gardens – What Has Been Driving Plants up the Wall?

Vertical garden on building
Reading Time: 9 mins

A fad in modern architecture and gardening or a necessity to bring back nature into industrialised densely built urban landscapes? Living green walls are becoming more and more popular, so we decided to explore the benefits, installation and maintenance process of these structures. Read on to find out how long they have been around, why so many buildings are having them, and how you can make one for your home….

Have a Hoppy Easter!

Three Easter Eggs
Reading Time: 3 mins

One of the most loved holidays, Easter brings together friends and families to celebrate the idea of rebirth, good defeating evil and light breaking through darkness, as well as end Lent season with delicious meals. But Easter celebrations are also very colourful, providing fun for children and adults alike. There are plenty of Easter games and activities and there’s no better way to engage everyone in the fun than a…