How to Water Your Lawn in July

how to water your garden
Reading Time: 3 mins

The summer often means a demise for your wonderful lawn. Yet, that shouldn’t happen, because the summer is precisely the time when it is the most pleasant to enjoy a fresh and green garden. Too often you can see people that water their lawns at noon, but that’s not the optimal time for it. There are many different opinions on the topic, and some of them are not quite…

40+ Unusual Garden Decoration Ideas

Reading Time: 1 mins

Gardening for some provides the daily bread, for others it’s an escape from reality and for you it might be your favourite hobby. Nevertheless, a garden decorated to your own preferences will act as a source of inspiration, and will provide you a place to gather up your thoughts. In order to set you on the creative path of gardening decoration, the team of Fantastic Gardeners compiled a list…

How to Grow Roses Indoors

grow roses indoors
Reading Time: 4 mins

Apart from park, garden and arcs’ decoration, apart from blossoming in sideways alleys and massive lanes and apart from mass rose oil production, the queen of flowers makes its way into the family of indoor plants. Grown in plants, boxes, beautiful wooden kegs or stone planters, the rose has firmly entered the concrete jungle. It has accommodated itself on balconies and terraces, and took even the highest floors. (more…)