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fantastic gardeners landscaping project

When it comes to overall enhancement of your garden on a more strategic level, your best solution will arguably be a landscaping one. Sure, throwing in some pretty plants in the back yard is certainly necessary, but you can hardly beat the blend of emotions, sizes and shapes that a fully executed landscaping project gives to the home-owners.

Be it to provide a place for seclusion, a spot for escape from the real life, or a turf to get the BBQ parties started, the landscaping jobs truly act as creators of sanctuaries. This is also one of the main reasons why we at Fantastic Gardeners adore landscaping projects and we are more than excited when one is coming around the corner.

Let’s say you are set on the path of turning a messy green space into a regular establishment. You’re most probably going to head online to seek inspiration from other professional jobs. Now, we would like to show you one of our recent projects – a backyard that was in fact in the back of the house and was, by definition, a yard, but it was hardly a garden at the time.

The owner wanted to make it habitable once again and there were three big steps we had to take to achieve this aim – re-turfing, paving the patio and general gardening, but not before tearing down the little shed that was already there.

So, without a further ago, let’s dive into a landscaping job well done and see how you can go from zero to hero in a matter of days.

Let’s make some debris

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 14

That’s what the garden looked in general before we took over. Everything you see in the photo had to go – and start the project from scratch.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 1

And that’s where we got to, halfway through completely eradicating everything in it.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 2

Some more shots below.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 3
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 5

At one point we felt the rocks’ ranks were endless, when finally we hit the bare ground.


fantastic gardeners landscaping project 6

It’s always easy to start a new piece of art on a clean blank sheet, isn’t it!

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 10

The top layer will be fertilized, before layering the turf rolls and installing the water maintenance program.

Patio and paving

Time to take you through one of the vital jobs of landscaping, which takes a whole project to the next level.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 8

An anti-weed membrane is going to help eliminate any potential unwanted dwellers in the future.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 22 in between

Here’s the base of the landscaping project’s accent.

fantastic gardeners landscaping project 16
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 17

We positioned the owner’s relaxing retreat in the corner. The ball-shaped structure will give the space a contemporary outlook.

The final outcome

The whole project took about a week to complete, but, it was well worth the effort. New turf, new patio and a new place for the home owners to rejoice. From general gardening and clearing out the space, to slick patio and paving, chaos turned into order.

before and after photo of fantastic gardeners landscaping job
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 27
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 28
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 29
fantastic gardeners landscaping project 21

Leave a comment to tell us what do you think about the project. You can take a look at our gallery where you can see other projects we have completed over the years for your own inspiration.  Have you thought about completely revamping your yard? We would love to hear some of your own reflections how does the perfect garden look to you.

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  • This is a great blog post. It’s completely true that the blend of emotions, sizes and shapes that a fully landscaped garden offers is unbeatable. Thanks for sharing the progress of this exciting landscaping project. The results are stunning, the patio is lovely and looks ideal for entertaining.

  • Awesome,
    Your team has done an innovative and outstanding job. The best part is that ball shaped structure for relaxing.

  • We have recently started a landscaping service and came across this article.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this. This is very useful and informative.

    You did an excellent job on keeping this entertaining and not boring.

    Thanks a ton.

  • It emphasizes the importance of landscaping. First, you can make some debris, re-turf, and patio and pave it. Then, it will be good to go.

  • Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

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