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Top Bulb Planting Tips in Autumn

bulb planting tips
Reading Time: 7 mins

By V J Matthew/ Shutterstock Bulb flowers, planted correctly and on time, are some of the least demanding plants in the garden. On top of that, their blossoms and leaves contribute greatly for the beauty of your home and garden. Nothing can soften the biting frost as well as the planted bulbs do, growing under the snow, ready to bloom in wonderful colours as the first spring sun rays make…

How to Grow Cactuses at Home

how to grow cactuses at home
Reading Time: 5 mins

Succulent plants get into the florists’ radars due to their resilience to sudden temperature changes and low air humidity which is often the case in warm rooms during winter. If you wonder how to grow cactuses at home, count the peculiarities of the different species, as well as their development and blossoming rhythm. (more…)

What To Plant Next To Tomatoes in June

Reading Time: 3 mins

It’s already June and summer is now establishing itself with a steady step. If you’ve gone through the to-do list for this month, you know there’s still time to plant some crops. We suggest you to try companion planting, in particular the best plants to grow with tomatoes. We know that you probably grow your own tomatoes, so the next step you can take is to plant companion plants. Here’s…