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How to Water Your Lawn in July

how to water your garden
Reading Time: 3 mins The summer often means a demise for your wonderful lawn. Yet, that shouldn’t happen, because the summer is precisely the time when it is the most pleasant to enjoy a fresh and green garden. Too often you can see people that water their lawns at noon, but that’s not the optimal time for it. There are many different opinions on the topic, and some of them are not quite…

What To Plant Next To Tomatoes in June

Reading Time: 3 mins

It’s already June and summer is now establishing itself with a steady step. If you’ve gone through the to-do list for this month, you know there’s still time to plant some crops. We suggest you to try companion planting, in particular the best plants to grow with tomatoes.

We know that you probably grow your own tomatoes, so the next step you can take is to plant companion plants. Here’s our list of greens that go along with the round red fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruits) and you can plant in June. Read More

How to Prepare a House for Winter

Reading Time: 5 mins

An initiative of the The Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) started 14 years ago, National Maintenance Week is a drive to raise awareness among owners of all kinds of buildings, not just ancient and period homes, about the importance of regular care and prevention of any damage that time and weather can cause. (more…)

Gardening Jobs for October

Reading Time: 3 mins

  September is almost over and autumn finally arrived. The weather gets moody and there aren’t that much sunny days to enjoy in the garden. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any gardening jobs for October. If you are done with all of the essential gardening jobs for September, check out what you need to do in the garden this October. (more…)

Essential Gardening Jobs for September

Reading Time: 5 mins

Summer slowly withdraws and autumn takes over. Days grow shorter and nights become cooler. And as trees shed leaf after leaf – little harbingers of the colder months to come, you can get your mind off how yet another summer has passed and how fleeting time in general is by doing some practical tasks around your garden this September. There are enough things that need to be done in order…