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Gardening Jobs for October

Reading Time: 3 mins

  September is almost over and autumn finally arrived. The weather gets moody and there aren’t that much sunny days to enjoy in the garden. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any gardening jobs for October. If you are done with all of the essential gardening jobs for September, check out what you need to do in the garden this October. (more…)

Essential Gardening Jobs for September

Reading Time: 5 mins

Summer slowly withdraws and autumn takes over. Days grow shorter and nights become cooler. And as trees shed leaf after leaf – little harbingers of the colder months to come, you can get your mind off how yet another summer has passed and how fleeting time in general is by doing some practical tasks around your garden this September. There are enough things that need to be done in order…

Fantastic Gardeners’ To-Do List for June

Reading Time: 3 mins

We strongly believe that planning and preparing are crucial for success in every area. Gardening is no exception, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what are you supposed to do this month—especially if you have a limited experience in the gardening area. Yes, you can search the good old Google, but finding relevant information in this pit-hole can be very challenging. So, we at Fantastic Gardeners, decided to…

August Gardening: What Are You Missing

Reading Time: 2 mins

As we head into August we’re moving towards ‘late summer’ (where did the year go!). In some ways your gardening tasks are getting easier; the summer bedding is in place, the major weeding is done as the spring and early summer growing period is past. On the downside, especially in dry summers, by August much of your planting may be looking tired, straggly or just plain thirsty. Here’s a quick…