How To Keep Slugs Away From A Vegetable Garden

flower snail
Reading Time: 5 mins

Slugs are acclaimed agricultural pests, but it’s a little known fact that there exist another, more controversial theory. It claims that the sluggish unwanted dwellers attack plants with rotting spots, caused by pathogen sponges, whereas the snails happen to be the surgical doctors, removing the sick matter. A revolution in the traditional concept? No, not by any chance. It’s obvious that after they remove the sick parts of the plants,…

What To Plant Next To Tomatoes in June

Reading Time: 3 mins

It’s already June and summer is now establishing itself with a steady step. If you’ve gone through the to-do list for this month, you know there’s still time to plant some crops. We suggest you to try companion planting, in particular the best plants to grow with tomatoes.

We know that you probably grow your own tomatoes, so the next step you can take is to plant companion plants. Here’s our list of greens that go along with the round red fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruits) and you can plant in June. Read More

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016: Medal Winners and all the Highlights

Growing flowers in a bucket
Reading Time: 4 mins

Chelsea Flower Show. Credit: Author Roe If you haven’t heard lately from your gardener friends, hold up on the suspicion and missing person reports. They’re probably just busy keeping track of the events at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. And take our swooning gardeners’ word for it – that’s a lot of events! And uhmm, just a friendly tip here – if you live with…

Acol Nursery Gets New Look – Making it Pretty

fantastic gardeners planting flowers
Reading Time: 2 mins

What brings the biggest joy to a person is seeing they helped someone be happy, too. In Fantastic Gardeners’ case, it was the creation of a spot for the children of the Acol Nursery school to play, explore and feel more homely. In our previous session we set the stage for the stars of the show to appear – it was already March and it was high time for flowers…