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London Celebrates Chinese New Year with the First Magical Lantern Festival outside the Far East

Reading Time: 2 mins

February seems to be the 3 pm for gardeners, doesn’t it? It’s both too early and too late to do anything in the garden besides some pruning. And while you’re sowing seeds and dividing bulbs hoping for some stunning blooms come spring, how would you like to revel in some fascinating displays of illuminated over-sized plants and flowers, complete with a giant flowing lotus? (more…)

RHS Wisley Flower Show 2015

Reading Time: 2 mins

Gardeners and flower lovers had the chance to enjoy another flower show this year. Thanks to the Royal Horticulture Society, we could admire gorgeous blooms and learn a few tricks on how to step up our green thumb game at the Wisley Flower Show. (more…)

Welcome to our Redesigned More Fantastic Site

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  We are happy to announce that your favourite Fantastic Gardeners site has a new design. Our website now boasts a fresh new look and even more fantastic features that you get to enjoy. As part of Fantastic Services, the new website design adds more functionality and enhances user experience. You can now easily navigate through the website and find all the information you are looking for in a few…

Cutting Edge Alternative – The Chelsea Fringe Festival

Reading Time: 3 mins

The Chelsea Fringe Festival didn’t skip us this year as well. And, of course, as the past editions of the fest – it was one of the greatest gardening events, not only in the UK but worldwide, with over 200 smaller events in its program. As its famous nature implies, being defined as “alternative”, it included everything that was ever related to gardening – music, food, art and whatnot. (more…)