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hedge trimming in twickenham

It’s been a Fantastic year !

2015 saw mostly quiet weather, really good weather conditions for all Fantastic gardeners teams to work outside until mid November.

Sunlit garden, a real feast for the eyes, every day.

landscaping project 2015
One of our favourite projects – levelling, lawn laying, planting, trimming.

We are happy we managed to make many homes garden-proud and customers eager to spend more time out in the garden.

Here is our 2015 in facts and figures:

  • More than 17 000 gardens served
  • About 380 landscaping projects completed
  • Window Boxes Delivery and Installation service launched
  • Christmas Trees delivery and installation launched
  • Fully redesigned modern website

But what we value most is the smile of the happy customer – the greatest reward for the job done.

Check out some of our projects in images.

Lawn turfing is really popular now as grass should always be greener and softer on your side of the garden

re-turfing a lawn - lawn care service 2015
Layers of turf come in rolls, laying it so it grows smoothly is a veritable art.

Tree Surgery is quite a dangerous task – but we really mastered it last year

Tree surgery - crown shaping service 2015
Special skills and training are required for trouble-free crown shaping and reducing the size.

Urban gardening and space saving have become a passion for us. That’s how window boxes installation began.

Window boxes in ealing
Special selection of plants in a durable window boxes container.

Buxus is the most popular evergreen shrub, we carefully select the freshest

Buxus collage
A variety of shapes and sizes to fit every taste.

Planting it in a window box is a space savvy solution

Empty window box
Plain and distasteful when empty. These window boxes can receive amazing overhauls.

And, the spectacular result when mixed with other colours

Window boxes bromley
Much better with something breathing in there.

Then came Christmas and it was Christmas Trees Time

Thank you for the amazing 2015, all the gardening wonders in 2016 are yet to come ! Stay tuned to the Fantastic Gardeners Blog for lots of exciting content, helpful guides and special surprises !

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