Top 10 Fantastic Suggestions for the Autumn Bank Holiday Weekend

Reading Time: 6 mins

  The August bank holiday weekend is right around the corner. This will be the last bank holiday before Christmas and you should make the most of it. Some people might find themselves overwhelmed by the extra day off, while others can’t wait to spend three days full of family activities, festivals, and parties. If you are one of them, you can check out our suggestions on how to spend…

Why You Need Window Boxes?

Reading Time: 4 mins

Undeservingly overlooked when it comes to hardscaping, the old window box is a fantastic exterior design feature that can add a unique touch to your home and make heads turn. It really is a thing to consider if the best looking house on the block is what you’re going for. Here’s why: (more…)

5 Must-try Refreshing Drinks With Home-grown Herbs

Reading Time: 4 mins

These days, we all look for a good way to refresh ourselves and fresh, home-made drinks are the perfect thing to do so. Especially if we can make something that includes the fruits of our labour in the garden. It’s so pleasing to make something on your own and not buy it, right? It’s also much tastier and much healthier, and it makes you feel a bit like an alchemist,…

Welcome to our Redesigned More Fantastic Site

Reading Time: 2 mins

  We are happy to announce that your favourite Fantastic Gardeners site has a new design. Our website now boasts a fresh new look and even more fantastic features that you get to enjoy. As part of Fantastic Services, the new website design adds more functionality and enhances user experience. You can now easily navigate through the website and find all the information you are looking for in a few…