We Answer the Eternal Question – What’s the Difference Between Violas and Pansies

violas vs pansies
Reading Time: 7 mins

  By randy andy / Shutterstock Even green thumbs think it’s an uphill battle to say which one is a pansy and which one is a viola. That’s what happens when people emphasize classifications rather than plants. Everything gets all complicated and confusing. The mystery of the Violaceae family goes deep into even more enigmatic waters when you take into account the African violets – these…

5 Easy to Find and Harvest Edible Wild Plants

Reading Time: 7 mins

  There are many great flavours which can be borrowed from the wild. The habit of using edible wild plants dates back thousands of years. Adding wild plants to your food can be a nice way to enhance it with new textures and colours—wild edibles are used in salads, as garnish for desserts or as decoration on starters, appetisers, cakes and many other dishes. Various edible wild flowers can be…

Cactuses – Exotic Plants in Your House

how to grow cactuses at home
Reading Time: 2 mins

Cactuses (or cacti as some people prefer!) look so exotic that people assume that they must be difficult to care for. In truth these are plants that thrive in some of the most challenging environments on earth so they’re tough! The best way to kill a cactus is with kindness. With a little understanding of their needs there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an impressive display of one or…