Cactuses – Exotic Plants in Your House

how to grow cactuses at home

Cactuses (or cacti as some people prefer!) look so exotic that people assume that they must be difficult to care for. In truth these are plants that thrive in some of the most challenging environments on earth so they’re tough! The best way to kill a cactus is with kindness. With a little understanding of their needs there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an impressive display of one or…

How to Add Colour to Your Winter Garden


If you think November is all about raking leaves and tidying up think again. There’s no reason at all why your autumn and winter garden should be short on colour and an excellent display at this time of year makes you look like an expert. As Christopher Lloyd (a sagacious gardener) said, nobody expects anything of a November garden, so anything that does produce flower is a bonus! (more…)

August Gardening: What Are You Missing


As we head into August we’re moving towards ‘late summer’ (where did the year go!). In some ways your gardening tasks are getting easier; the summer bedding is in place, the major weeding is done as the spring and early summer growing period is past. On the downside, especially in dry summers, by August much of your planting may be looking tired, straggly or just plain thirsty. Here’s a quick…