August Gardening: What Are You Missing

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As we head into August we’re moving towards ‘late summer’ (where did the year go!). In some ways your gardening tasks are getting easier; the summer bedding is in place, the major weeding is done as the spring and early summer growing period is past. On the downside, especially in dry summers, by August much of your planting may be looking tired, straggly or just plain thirsty. Here’s a quick…

A Taste of the Tropics – Grow Your Own Citrus Tree

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It’s easier than you think! Citrus trees aren’t hardy in the UK but they’re a fantastic choice for a greenhouse and the smaller varieties can be happily grown in a pot, living outdoors in the summer and coming indoors for the winter months. You’ll get almost year round blossom, with the heaviest flowering coming in the late winter. Since many citrus fruit can take up to a year to mature it’s even possible to have fruit and flowers on the same plant. A citrus tree, could brighten your home with fruit, scent and blossom on a January day, why would you not grow one!

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Happy International Mother Earth Day!

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The Earth Day was first celebrated exactly 44 years ago on 22 April, 1970. The idea about this day was first offered by the peace activist John McConnell at an UNESCO conference in San Francisco in 1969. His idea was to celebrate this day on 21 March, and so it happened in 1970. But a month later another day of Mother Earth Day was announced by the US Senator Gaylord…